A Colorful View

An interactive journal game about the emotional journey taken by a boy with color vision deficiency named Bobby
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Game Features

Alternative Ending

In this game, we have created three different endings. Decisions that player make in the game would determine the ending of the story. All the endings are inspired from people with color vision deficiency speaking their life experience until today.

Real World Simulation

The whole game is based on several different stories that we collected from people with color vision deficiency. They expressed their feelings and emotions on some key life events.

Emotion Healing

The current market has a lot of colorblind simulator games and assisting applications, but they miss the emotional journey of one growing up with color vision deficiency. Our game provides an emotional healing story for people to learn how to prepare for the future.

An Intro

Bobby, a 14 year-old boy, immersed himself in drawing a piece of Art. He noticed that his classmate sitting next to him stared at his work, bewildered. “Why is the grass red”, his classmate finally asked. Utterly confused, Bobby asked, “Is there something weird about my drawing..?”

Team Crescent Moon

Suzy Nie

Suzy is a 4th year UW student, double majoring in Informatics and Psych. Focusing on the PM/UX aspects of the project, she is beyond thrill to share the game with people in needs.

Alice Chen

Alice is a Senior majoring in Informatics(HCI). She focuses on the UX / graphic design aspects of the project, and is passionate about utilize her design skills to tell stories in game.

William Rodriguez

William is a Senior majoring in Informatics. He focuses on the technical aspects of the project and is excited to use his passion for games in a meaningful way.

Oliver Nie

Weixing Nie is a Senior majoring in Informatics - DS. Video games and movies are his main hobbies, and he is excited to share an idea/message through game.